Finding Natural Solutions

At DEVOU, we believe you shouldn’t have to choose between effectiveness and a naturally healthy life. We’ve searched for the best in ingredients and combined them in fresh new ways to create natural products that work.

Lucas Cream


Lucas Magnesium Range is specially formulated for kids – providing an easy solution to help boost Magnesium levels. At a strength that is gentle on their skin and suits their required nutritional intake – regular use will assist with health and well-being, muscle and joint growth and rest and relaxation. Ideal for children who have trouble nodding off to sleep, irritable and emotional, experience growing pains and cramping.

DEVOU Deodorant

Devou Magnesium Deodorant

Devou Magnesium Deodorant is a hard-working toxin free natural deodorant. Using Magnesium hydroxide, it creates an alkaline environment that prevents and neutralises the growth of unpleasant odour causing bacteria. Suitable for all skin types and is non-irritating after shaving. We only use organic essential oils to keep you fresh.

For muscle aches and pains

For a great night sleep

DEVOU Magnesium Day Range

For energy and vitality

DEVOU Wellness Magnesium cream and spray

For muscle and joint health

For a relaxing bath

For kids muscle cramps and sleep

DEVOU Natural Magnesium Deodorant

For toxin free antiperspirant

DEVOU Liquid Magnesium

For natural liquid supplements

For the perfect gift

“Without Magnesium, there is no energy, no movement, no life! It’s that simple!”

What Our Customers Say!

Thank you for the amazing creams they are truly doing me a world of good.

K. Wilson, Nedlands

I bought the recovery cream for my husband who cycles on the weekend, and he couldn’t believe how fast it works. I will purchase again.

J. Carrington, Clarkson

Thank you for the amazing creams they are truly doing me a world of good.

Wendy Robinson, Wattle Grove

I have been using the Recovery Spray daily for over a week now and I have noticed a significant improvement on my calcify shoulder tendinitis. I tried all sorts of pain relief creams, sprays, salves, gels. They worked for a few days and felt it was just addressing the symptoms, not the root cause of the problem. I read up on the magnesium-calcium relationship in our bodies and true enough, the only time my shoulder muscles relaxed is after a magnesium spray or Epsom salt bath. Finally, on my way to recovery! Thank you so much.

Trev Elliott, Subiaco

I love this product as it is Australian owned. These products have personally helped me with my sleep ( night cream) which has been a major issue of mine for a while now and also love the Recovery cream after a big workout !! Last night I had a bad headache and put the night cream on my temples and I had instant relief!
Do yourself a favour and check out these products!!

Heather Wood, South Perth

Love these products! I purchased these my son was have bad knee problems ( growing pains) and I swear ‘ Lucas special bath rocks and Lucas magnesium cream has helped him % …. he no longer cries in pain at night. Thank you for such a wonderful product!!! And he has sensitive skin and he has NOT reacted either.

P Zinenko, Sorrento