At DEVOU, we believe WELLBEING starts with the PERFECT NIGHT’S SLEEP…

The deeply relaxing bath combined with the gorgeously scented Night Cream to lather and nourish your body that prepares you for BETTER SLEEP… there is nothing better than a PERFECT NIGHT SLEEP to make you look and feel great.
Our products are 100% NATURAL with true wellbeing benefits: to help you sleep better, stress less, boost your energy or lift your mood.
 DEVOU Wellbeing: Small Steps. Big Difference

A unique blend of 6 natural ingredients and organic essential oils that work together to provide fast, effective relief to all forms of muscular aches, pains and injuries.

Wake up refreshed and energised for the day ahead, with our natural sleeping aid helping you to have a deeper and more restful sleep every night.

Live Better

Specially formulated for daily use. Feel the benefits of Magnesium with regular use to help you towards greater physical and mental health and vitality.

Stay Active

Specifically formulated for muscle and joint health. Our Active range helps you to stay physically active for longer periods and/or to get back into the game faster.

liquid magnesium

Magnesium Supplements

Devou‘s alternative to tablets! Easily absorbed and effective. Experience a boost in overall health and vitality, energy, sports performance and better sleep!

“Without Magnesium, there is no energy, no movement, no life! It’s that simple!”

What Our Customers Say!

Thank you for the amazing creams they are truly doing me a world of good.

K. Wilson, Nedlands

I bought the recovery cream for my husband who cycles on the weekend, and he couldn’t believe how fast it works. I will purchase again.

J. Carrington, Clarkson

Thank you for the amazing creams they are truly doing me a world of good.

Wendy Robinson, Wattle Grove

I have been using the Recovery Spray daily for over a week now and I have noticed a significant improvement on my calcify shoulder tendinitis. I tried all sorts of pain relief creams, sprays, salves, gels. They worked for a few days and felt it was just addressing the symptoms, not the root cause of the problem. I read up on the magnesium-calcium relationship in our bodies and true enough, the only time my shoulder muscles relaxed is after a magnesium spray or Epsom salt bath. Finally, on my way to recovery! Thank you so much.

Trev Elliott, Subiaco

I love this product as it is Australian owned. These products have personally helped me with my sleep ( night cream) which has been a major issue of mine for a while now and also love the Recovery cream after a big workout !! Last night I had a bad headache and put the night cream on my temples and I had instant relief!
Do yourself a favour and check out these products!!

Heather Wood, South Perth

Love these products! I purchased these my son was have bad knee problems ( growing pains) and I swear ‘ Lucas special bath rocks and Lucas magnesium cream has helped him % …. he no longer cries in pain at night. Thank you for such a wonderful product!!! And he has sensitive skin and he has NOT reacted either.

P Zinenko, Sorrento

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